Benefits of choosing a property in Vile Parle

June 19, 2018

When it comes to Mumbai, the city just keeps falling short of space. And when we say space, we need to look farther from the heart of the city where tall skyscrapers have already clouded the land and the skies. We need to look at places around nature where lush greenery speaks a lot, birds chirp free, and whips of fresh air surprise you with a refreshing smile every now and then. Yes, we are talking about a neighborhood that is a little away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but well-connected to its streets; we are talking about Vile Parle East.

Off late, several residential projects have spurred in this blooming region which was a home to small businesses and scattered dwellings of the under privileged. Vile Parle today is welcoming developers, and you can find several new residential projects here. Choosing to book a residential property in Vile Parle East has its own set of benefits that will simply delight you for sure. Before you count your eggs, let us know what they are in the first place.

1.Proximity to the city centre

Did you know that the Metro railway, Western Railway, and city’s BEST bus service, all run smoothly from this region of the city? If you weren’t aware of this fact, then you need to check the connectivity options from Vile Parle to the other parts of the city. Being close to the Western Expressway, this place shares close proximity to city’s leading business centers and top places of attraction. So you can easily reach your office from here.

2.Lots of places to shop

When you are here, you can visit several places that offer a variety of offerings. Right from textiles to electronics, there is Irla market that is close to Vile Parle East, which will offer you some of the finest offerings in the city. You can shop for your daily needs as well as fancy items and appliances here. All you need to know is the skill of bargaining, otherwise you will always regret the fact that your neighbor got a better deal than you.

3.Close to top tourist attractions

Yes, when you are in Vile Parle, you will realize that the place is really close to Borivali National Park, Powai Lake, and Juhu Beach. All you need to have is the spirit to stroll around and enjoy the beauty of these places.