Choose the Home that Accommodates your Dreams

April 5, 2018

A home is more than just a building made of bricks and mortar. It is an emotion that grows and builds with you. From your first happy experience to the your child’s first steps walking across the rooms of your home, Vijayraj Residency gives you a home to accommodate your every dream.

The home you settle down in

For most of us, the thought of purchasing a home first takes root when one thinks of settling down. With a stable job comes the time to get your own, and Vijayraj residency has the perfect 1 BHK in Vile Parle East for those looking for a small yet spacious home. Close to some of the prominent locations in Mumbai that boast of industries and a majority of the companies from every sector, a home in Vile Parle gives you the opportunity to live closer your workplace and save the time you would otherwise have to travel in.

The home you begin a family in

With the decision to start a family comes the need for a bigger house. Knowing how much space kids inevitably take up, investing in a 2 BHK is more appropriate families with children. Vijayraj Residency in Vile Parle offers the most spacious homes with every amenity that your children are bound to need just a stone’s throw away. Along with this suburb having the most renowned educational institutions and places where one can develop a healthy social life, the neighbouring suburbs are equally beneficial when these factors are taken into consideration.

The home you spend your golden years in

Growing old in a lovely home of our own with your family is a blessing that most of us crave. Here’s where a 3 BHK home is the answer. Your dream home at Vijayraj Residency will give you the chance to live your golden years surrounded by the ones you love in your spacious dream home.

Your home at this residential property will be one that helps your dreams grow, staying with you every step of the way.