Experience Luxurious Living in the Vile Parle with Vijayraj Residency

June 15, 2021
Experience Luxurious Living in the Vile Parle with Vijayraj Residency

Living amidst the busy city the quite tiresome and chaotic if you’re not used to the environment. The constant pollution and honking from traffic not only degrade your health condition but also prevent you from getting the natural air. You won’t even get to listen to the sound of birds. Finding an apartment from all this chaos of the city is like a blessing. So, if you’re a person who loves to wake up in the morning peacefully, House for Sale in Vile Parle East is the perfect place for you.

From beautifully designed landscape to green gardens, everything you can find in Vile Parle East. And with the help of modern technology, the apartments in Vile Parle East are full of hi-tech facilities. Despite that, your luxurious living won’t be affected. In this article, we will discuss the experience of luxurious living in the Vile Parle East.

  • 24/7 Security:

The first thing that comes with luxurious living is 24/7 security. When you live in an apartment, you might be afraid of burglary. However, if you live in a 1 BHK Flat in Vile Parle, you don’t need to worry about securities. From armed guards to 24/7 surveillance cameras, we offer the best protection for your apartment. Additionally, when someone tries to enter the building perimeter, their identification will be verified and you’ll be called by the security guards to ensure that the person is familiar with you.

  • Water Supply:

The water source is very limited in Mumbai. Many apartments even have a particular time for their water supply. But, Flat for Sale in Vile Parle East Mumbai will offer you a 24/7 water supply. Each block has its dedicated water chamber. So, you’ll get water anytime you want. Additionally, the maintenance service is also top-notched. So, if you find yourself in any water-related problem, you’re just one call away from bringing in a professional plumber.

  • Car Parking Facility:

The car parking facility in Vijayraj is also fascinating. Every apartment has its own dedicated car parking slot. Additionally, the structure is the car parking is also great. Hence, you won’t find any problems getting your car out. The car parking zone also has 24/7 CCTV surveillance along with night vision.

  • Spacious Rooms:

The rooms in 2 BHK Flat for Sale in Vile Parle East are very spacious. Designed by one of the top architectural firms in India, Vijayraj residency is the ultimate place for modernity as well as antiquity. From a long balcony to a spacious dining room, one can experience a life of luxury and peace. The interiors are comfortable and the rooms are designed in such a way that you’ll get natural sunlight. As the area is surrounded by green trees, you can enjoy beautiful views at night as well as in the day.

  • Extraordinary Amenities:

During the period of lockdown, even if you can’t go outside, Vijayraj Residency is equipped with lots of interesting amenities. You can also engage yourself in tons of activities so that you don’t feel bored. Apart from a gym that can help you to stay fit, it also has a variety of indoor games as well as a café to refresh your mind. Apart from this, a kid’s playground, library, and park are also available in Vijayraj Residency.

These are the luxurious living in the Vile Parle East with Vijayraj Residency. When you purchase flats from Vijayraj, you don’t have to worry about the quality. Apart from that, the maintenance cost is very low. As the location is extraordinary, you won’t need to spend more than a few minutes to reach Airport or Railway Station.