Make the best use of your two bedroom apartment

March 28, 2018


There are many merits of possessing a 2 bhk in Vile Parle East. One of them is making the second room an office that you may have dreamt of. If you are doing a business that is home-based then it goes without saying that you might have to indulge in a lot of computer work. Thus, the second bedroom can be converted into a home office that looks stunning. This shall encourage you to crack more deals and work even harder. Well, wishful thinking there however it can be one of the best transformations and additions in the apartment.

Having a tranquil and quiet place where one can get down for doing the nitty-gritty of their business can be a great option. Hence, this option must not be overlooked at all. Another very important advantage is that the other room can be used as hobby home. This means that the other room can be used extensively for pursuing your hobbies. This can be utilized for musical instrument practice or painting.

If one is a painter then the other room that has floors with vitrified marble and a total carpet area of the house being seven hundred four to six hundred thirty five sq ft can be used for doubling it as “showroom”.

How about a personal library that one gets to retreat to? Now this is one dream that can see the light of the day with a flat of 2 bhk in Vile Parle East.

You may not want a roommate right after a 2 bhk in Vile Parle East has been purchased but you may need one later. The other bedroom can be rented easily to any student or a friend. By doing so you shall be earning as well as sharing the costs of utility.

Seems like a good idea? It is time to implement it by purchasing a roomy two bedroom apartment. If there is a lot of work related travel that you have to do more often, then you can also consider the possibility of subletting the apartment for few months.
With extra bedroom in the back pocket, you can do so much.