Vile Parle as the Perfect Place for Families with Children

February 22, 2018


The number of new residential projects in Vile Parle East has risen to a great extent along with the demand for the same. With some of the best scholastic institutions located in this suburb, your children can get the best education here from the schools and colleges mentioned below:

Schools in Vile Parle

Vile Parle East has a number of schools that promise quality education to your children and a better future. The SVKM JV Parekh International School and the Chatrabhuj Narsee Memorial School (ICSE) are two of the more popular schools that help give your children the basic education along with developing their personalities to be leaders as they move out after they graduate to be college students. Having all of these educational facilities a stone’s throw away is perfect for families with young children who are pursuing their education.

Colleges in Vile Parle

Another great advantage to investing in the new residential projects in Vile Parle East is not having to worry about your child’s further education. Vile Parle has some of the best colleges that offer quality education and guidance to pursue careers that suit your interests. Some of these colleges that are accredited are the Sathaye College and the M L Dahanukar College of Commerce. No matter what your child chooses to pursue in his or her studies, the colleges out here are qualified with experienced teachers that allow your children to get the best education and help them grow into better individuals.

Apart from the quality of education, you also have access to a number of places where your kids can interact with other children. With a place as affluent as Vile Parle, you can expect the people living around to be similar-minded as you and have the chance to make newer acquaintances as residents of the ongoing Vijayraj Residency. Since children grow by learning as much from the environment and people about as from their families and teachers, this makes it an even better chance to help your kid learn more from other kids and learn attributes such as tolerance, sharing, equality, and unity.

All in all, Vile Parle is certainly the place to settle down in with your families for a brighter future for your children.