Ways to Design your Second Bedroom

June 25, 2019

Everyone loves a big grand house. However, not many take the effort to design the extra bedroom enticingly. For those who have a second bedroom that isn’t utilised as of yet, here are some of the ways you can design and use it right:

Children’s bedroom

Children require a space of their own as they start growing up, owing to their rapid physical growth as well as their mental development. Moreover, with the amount of toys children own, it wouldn’t be surprising to have an entire room filled with them. You can always keep the second bedroom as a spare room for all the toys where your children can play every day instead of making a mess all over the house.

Street shopping

There isn’t a single soul on earth who hasn’t reaped the benefits of a street full of clothing and more on sale. Street shopping is part of Mumbai’s never-dying tradition with almost every suburb having a couple streets with the most jazzy and trendy selection. For shopaholic residents of Vile Parle, street shopping in Vile Parle is sure to be a delight that mustn’t be missed! And the best part is, you can not only street shop for clothing, accessories, footwear, etc. but also for some delightful street food!

Library cum office space

For all the bookworms who love their own secluded corner, a home library is certainly worth investing in if you have a spare bedroom. For couples who live alone, this is definitely a must with the extra room left unused. You can set up a cosy couch to sit on while you read and relax or even get a table fixed at the other corner as a work desk. So, whether you wish to read up a little before bed or work on the days you don’t feel like going to work, you have your own space at home to spend some quality time in.

Play zone

Who said kids are the only ones who need a playing zone. For those who love smashing their scores on the Xbox or a game of foosball when the fancy strikes, setting up your own playzone that you can unwind in is a perfect addition, especially among the younger generation. You can have your own games set up within this section where your friends can hang out with your, or you and your partner can have a fun match in the evenings or during the weekends.

With so much to do, purchasing a perfectly gorgeous 2 BHK in Vile Parle East at Vijayraj Residency is certainly worth the investment.