What Makes 1 BHK In Vile Parle East A Profitable Investment?

September 4, 2019

Choosing the right apartment size is necessary to make a wise investment. These days developers come up with several options to attract investors. Right from different apartment sizes to amenities, many things need consideration in the property buying process. 1 BHK flats are highly preferred these days. A few years back, most homebuyers invested in 2 BHK properties. But lately, the price difference between a 1 BHK and 2 BHK flat has widened to a great extent. 1 BHK flats are ideal for nuclear families. In Mumbai, the rate of the property highly depends on its location. Choosing the right location is important because it also dictates the future value of the property. Vile Parle is one of the most popular locations in Mumbai for residential investment. Properties in Vile Parle East are ideal for families, students and working professionals. Owning a 1 BHK flat in Vile Parle East can be quite profitable. Here is what makes 1 BHK in Vile Parle a beneficial investment.

Does not need stretching of budget

1 BHK homes are built for affordability. Investors who are on a tight budget must go for 1 BHK properties because these homes do not require any stretching of budget. Additionally, when the property value increases over the years it can fetch you good returns too.

The location says it all

Vile Parle is the most preferred location for residential investment because it is known for its amazing infrastructure. Be it schools, colleges or health centres, Vile Parle has the best of everything. Moreover, even when it comes to transport facilities, Vile Parle has a good frequency of trains and buses.

Profitable past trends

In the real estate market, every location has its demand and supply. Vile Parle enjoys a good demand as far as residential properties are concerned. In future, even if you want to sell the property you are likely to get a good return rate. 1 BHK properties are affordable which makes them all the more worth.

Go for a 1 BHK flat in Vile Parle East and get profitable returns on investment.