Why Investing in Under-construction Properties Will Always Be Your Best Bet

November 27, 2020
Why Investing in Under-construction Properties Will Always be Your Best Bet? | Vijayraj Residency

Investors and homebuyers are always met with the question of whether they should invest in an under-construction building or one that is a ready possession flat and while there may be those who prefer to opt for a flat that is ready to move in, under construction flats have slowly but surely started to become one of the most preferred choices of properties in the city.

Why under construction:

One of the biggest advantages for opting for an under-construction flat such as a 2 BHK Flat for Sale in Vile Parle East, is the fact that you have ample time to arrange for the funds and since most developers offer easy payment options and even give buyers the opportunity to pay slab wisely and to hold back part of the payment till the construction is completed. This ensures that the buyer has all the time needed to arrange for these funds, thus making it one of the more sensible investments.

Gauging the quality of construction:

When you opt for a ready possession flat, you lack the ability to know the quality of materials used during construction, and more often than not, owners are then required to contribute a small fortune towards the repair and upkeep of the building. Not only is this a major let down, but will add to an already expensive deal. The benefits of opting for an under construction is the fact that you can check the quality of materials used and since most buildings have to meet the fire norms and are built to meet and exceed the earthquake norms, the quality of construction is surely much superior when compared to the older buildings.

An investment for the long term:

Property investments are usually made keeping the medium and long-term benefits in mind and reaping the maximum benefits from your investment can be made possible when you invest in an under-construction building or project. The biggest advantage of doing so is the fact that you will, in all likelihood, get the property at a rate that is significantly lower than a ready possession flat and that ensures that your investment grows significantly, and will offer you a higher profit margin if and when you decide to sell off your property.

At Vijayraj Residency, we believe that our under-construction projects offer buyers some of the best deals available in the market, and our deals are investor-friendly. If you would like to know more about our projects then feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you with the same.