Why Vile Parle is Perfect for Creative Souls

August 29, 2019

Vile Parle is ideal for students, working people, and the elderly. However, one thing that makes it even more perfect is the access that creative souls can have to appreciating art and contributing to it!

Bhaidas theatre

Bhaidas Theatre in Vile Parle is famous for the plays held here for certain communities that find it hard to come across places that showcase art that they can appreciate. Gujaratis certainly have a lot to rejoice about if they love theatre! Bhaidas Theatre is right next to you if you intend to make an investment at Vijayraj Residency.

Movie cinemas

Movies come and go every week and people who are absolute movie buffs certainly like watching every movie that comes round their way. For those living in Vile Parle, this is perfect. There are a great many movie theatres right round the corner for people to head to every weekend or even every day to watch all of their favourite filmstars on the big screen without having to worry about the traffic or hours of travelling.

Art galleries

There is an art connoisseur hidden in every person. However, access to art freely is something that isn’t very common in Mumbai. Vile Parle has a number of art galleries for you to visit every time you are in the mood for some art appreciation. And if you are an artist yourself, what better place for you to purchase the best home than checking out some of the amazing flats in Vile Parle East.

If you are an artist or a lover of art, head to Vile Parle to make your home investment the next time you plan one.